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In the face of an overwhelming tidal wave of bad news and fearmongering what we need most right now are daily reminders of our better human selves, so that each of us can rise to this challenge. There are hundreds of inspiring, creative community responses to this pandemic, and these stories must be told and widely shared.

Local banks are stepping up and allowing customers to pay only the interest on loans and stay current. Local stores are designating hours for shopping specific to the elderly, our most vulnerable. Dropoff and pickup sites have been setup, so those with surplus can help those in need. Local schools are preparing free sacked meals for all students no matter their economic status.


Facebook is filled with posts from people willing to give. Businesses and chambers of commerce across our county are coming together like never before to form a taskforce working collectively to ‘tackle’ the unexpected. Cities and towns are working on resolutions and ideas to help their citizens the most effective and efficient ways as possible. Restaurants are providing free delivery.


Help us tell the positive side of this crisis by sharing your story or services on our FaceBook page: Idabel Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture. There are things each of us can do NOW to help support our local businesses:

Order Takeout or Delivery -Your favorite restaurants may have had to shut their doors, but many of them still offer takeout or delivery. Not only does that keep the business going, it also provides income for staff and personnel.

Buy Gift Cards - Want to inject some cash into a small business right now? Buy a gift card. Even if you aren't buying anything else because you're stuck at home, you can give your local shops or favorite restaurant a vote of confidence by spending even $25 on a gift card to use later, when life returns to normal.

Shop Local Businesses Online - Many local businesses have online stores in addition to their brick-and-mortar locations. Whenever possible, consider giving them your business. The delivery option applies here as well, with grocery stores in many locations. Keep in mind that as long as you are buying from someone in your community, you're helping to keep people in their jobs.

Be Patient - In many cases, businesses are working at a dramatically reduced capacity. There's a good chance that you'll experience longer waits or encounter out-of-stock items. Trust me, every business is feeling that pain. They want nothing more than to be able to meet your needs. When they can't, extend a little grace and patience, remembering that they're working hard to stay open and serve their community. Only go to the grocery store to buy what you need, be sure to say thanks to the employees who are hard at work stocking shelves. It can be easy to forget that many of those employees are working overtime to keep their store clean and full of the food and supplies customers need.

Let’s show the world how to handle a tough situation the ‘right way’ - #OurMcCurtainCounty.

Our McCurtain County is group of community leaders focused on bettering the lives of McCurtain County residents. In September they had a One Day event where they built ramps for the disabled, repainted cemetery fences, and general cleanup.
Our McCurtain County
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   MEAN TO YOU?   

The Idabel Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture wants to hear from you! What areas of the community to you want to see improved? What types of business do you think the city needs?
The City of Idabel already has a lot to offer it's citizens and visitors from the incredible work of current and previous leaders. Market disruptions like the recent tourist explosion and advancements in technology have local business owners asking all sorts of questions. What does your business struggle with?